What is the Crimsafe® Security?

Crimsafe® is the only security screen product in Australia where the Stainless steel mesh is screwed into the frame and clamped down with a patented device called the "Screw-Clamp™ ". Most other security screen mesh systems sold in Australia are held in place with a wedge forced in under pressure, or are simply glued in. It is used to secure doors, windows and outdoor areas from intruders and insects alike.

From a distance, it looks like flyscreen but Crimsafe
® is unlike any other flyscreen you've ever seen, because it makes your home virtually impenetrable to thieves.

Crimsafe® are also very proud partners of Crime Stoppers.

The Cairns Hardware Window Shop are an Authorised Crimsafe® Licensee. Come in and see our extensive show room of Crimsafe®, Crimsafe Ultimate® and other Window & Glass products.

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Why buy Crimsafe® from Cairns Hardware?

At Cairns Hardware, we have over 30 years experience in Window Manufacturing and Glazing Industry. We have been an Authorised Crimsafe® Licensee since 1995, and have installed Crimsafe® in many homes and businesses across Queensland.

More recently, Cairns Hardware now has available the full range of not only Crimsafe®, but Crimsafe Ultimate® This exciting new product now comes with a 15 year warranty (conditions apply)

With one of the largest and comprehensive showrooms in Far North Queensland, you can be assured that one of our specialist staff can help you with Crimsafe® and how it can help you protect you, your family and home.

Our experienced staff are trained in the very latest Crimsafe® products. Whether it is large or small, our expert staff are happy to help you with any Crimsafe® project.

Crimsafe Ultimate® now available at Cairns Hardware!

Crimsafe® is not just another type of Security Screen...

Research shows that the most common method of entry through security screens is a well-placed series of kicks that bust the screen apart. That won't work with Crimsafe. You can kick at Crimsafe Tensile-Tuff® security mesh repeatedly, but you are more likely to injure yourself than break through it.

It's also incredibly difficult to cut Crimsafe Tensile-Tuff security mesh.

You can take a machete and hack away at the mesh and you'll have a hard time getting anywhere. You might put a few holes in it but you won't be able to fit through them. That's because Crimsafe's security mesh has such strong ‘shear' resistance. Which means a burglar can't make a hole in the mesh by stabbing it, and then make it bigger by using his weight to drag a knife through it.

Take a look below at how Crimsafe mesh stands up to an Australian Standards test called, funnily enough, "The Knife Shear Test". There's 15kg of force pushing the knife into the mesh, and 30kg's pulling it along the face of the mesh.

You can see Crimsafe is successful because the tip of the knife doesn't penetrate the mesh, it just skips over the surface. It's an incredibly tough test to pass, but Crimsafe does so easily.

But the real proof that Crimsafe's Tensile-Tuff  security mesh is something special is this... before Crimsafe came on the market, nobody could even weave 0.9mm Premium 304 grade security steel into the commercial mesh that Crimsafe is made of! Crimsafe had to commission a wire products manufacturer to make special machinery before it could be done.

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