This Vehicle Standards Instruction (VSI) has been produced to explain the requirements for transporting projecting loads and to help you ensure you carry these loads safely and legally.

If you carry building materials in your ute, wide loads on your truck, furniture in your trailer or use the family sedan to move large, unusual or projecting loads, you must know and obey the laws that set out how to transport them safely. These laws have been developed to protect all road users.

When carrying a load on your vehicle, you must consider:

  1. the total dimensions permitted for your vehicle or trailer plus its load;
  2. legal safety requirements when carrying projecting loads of different sizes; and
  3. what to do if your load is too big.

Should you carry the load?

When deciding whether to carry a load, ask yourself these questions.

  1. Will the load create a hazard for other road users?
  2. Will the load create a hazard for you?
  3. Will the load endanger your passengers?
  4. Will the load endanger your vehicle?
  5. Will the load be safe?

If in doubt, don't carry the load. Consider hiring a vehicle specifically designed to move loads, or arrange for Cairns Hardware to professionally deliver your purchases. It could be much cheaper than the consequences of a crash, injury, vehicle repairs or load damage.

All Cairns Hardware workplaces will soon have signage in place to ensure we are all compliant with the law.

Think Safe. Work Safe. Stay Safe.